Friday, 7 June 2013

Create Powerpoint Slide Design | Examples of Powerpoint Presentation

Create Powerpoint Slide Design - Some Examples

In the previous post we talked about how to create powerpoint slide design. We also discussed some guidelines for reference when you create powerpoint slide design.
Here we look at some of examples and samples of powerpoint presentation.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Create Powerpoint Slide Design

Create Powerpoint Slide Design

To create powerpoint slide design is not difficult. But to create powerpoint slide design that is good for effective presentation is another matter. Often, secretary or admin staff are assigned to create powerpoint slide design thrown to them by their bosses or marketing staff. Also, sales and marketing staff may just thrown something together to get going on the road.

Most people just copy and paste their text into powerpoint slides and touch up the text size and text color. Then they slap a few pictures onto the slides and they are done. But will the powerpoint slides be good enough to make an effective presentation?

Create Powerpoint Slide Design That Works

Most people think that effective powerpoint design must be done by graphic designers! On the contrary that is probably the biggest mistake one can make to create powerpoint slide design that works. Why? Because powerpoint presentation is not so much about great looking slides. In fact, fantastic looking slide design often becomes distraction to the listener and viewer.

Have you ever watch any sales video online? I am referring to those presentation that sells information products like ebooks and downloadable lessons. If you have watched enough of those, you will notice many of them have white backgrounds with minimal graphics.

Do you think powerpoint slide like the one above works? You bet it does. Online marketers who make a living by selling products, physical or intangible, know what works and what do not work. Online selling is probably the hardest form of selling because the prospects do not know or see the person/company behind the presentation. If one can convince a prospect through a presentation like this, you will agree it will likely work for you in face to face presentation or recorded presentation.

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